A TraBaler’s Tale.

Summer is fast approaching and the best way to enjoy it here in the country is to have it spend in 3S: Sun. Sand. Sea. And for us Metro dwellers, the farther the better, but it should not compromise safety, adventure, and fun. Looking for your next summer destination isn't that hard though, we have 7641 islands to choose from, about 2000 of which … Continue reading A TraBaler’s Tale.


La Presa Surpresa!

Sitio La Presa is a fictional Sitio (A territorial enclave that forms part of a Barangay) situated atop Mt. Cabuyao (Mt. Kabuyao) in Tuba, Benguet. Known to locals as Sitio Pungayan, the Sitio became a household name due to the popularity of Forevermore, A TV Series that features the stunning vistas of Benguet's towering peaks … Continue reading La Presa Surpresa!