About Sean.

Howdy! Welcome to my humble abode. I am Sean,  a newbie blogger from the Philippines (yeah, It’s more fun here!). Currently managing our family food business. I am into photography, I love to read (library, oh such a sweet escape), to draw, and to travel. Did I mention that I love to travel? oh yeah I love going to places (and making memories out of my own set of *mis* adventures), I love to travel especially on a shoestring( money can’t replace experience), and of course, I love life, one proud student of life here.

logo blog sean

I created this blog because I believe having a full life can only be attained when it is shared. That’s why I am sharing my life, the photos that I’ve taken to inspire, to see the unknown, and to share my experiences (whether good or bad) and serve its purpose to the ever dreaming world.

I am a lover of life. Very much in love with life.

Let’s enjoy life the way it should be. Set our feet on stranger’s soil. Be adventurous in everything.  And keep our faith to the One who made the seen, and the unseen.  And off we shall!

“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”
Hans Christian Andersen


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