Ilocandia 3D/2N Solo Trip Itinerary

Let me first show you the log ins of my 3 Days/2 Nights DIY (Do It Yourself) solo trip (the farthest so far by land) in ilocandia covering Laoag, Pagudpud,  Vigan and other nearby towns: Paoay Church Day 1 (Lagalag sa Laoag. Kaway kaway sa Paoay. Batak na batak sa Batac.)

  • 8pm- Partas Cubao Terminal
  • 4am- stop over at Partas Vigan bus station
  • 6am- drop off at the Laoag Provincial Capitol (roam the town proper)
  • 9am- jump off Paoay via Jeepney plying Laoag- Paoay route
  • 9:30am – Paoay Church
  • 10am- took the tricycle tour around Paoay and Batac (Malacanang of the North, Paoay lake, Sand Dunes, Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center)
  • 11:30am- Batac Church, lunch at the Batac Empanadahan
  • 1pm- rode a mini bus off Laoag City proper
  • 2pm- roamed the Capitol Plaza, bought some snacks in SM hypermart Laoag
  • 2:30pm- visited the Museo Ilocos Norte (Walking distance from the Provincial Capitol), Ilocos Norte information center
  • 3:30pm- rode a mini bus off Pagudpud
  • 4:50pm- dropped off Bangui (before the Baruyen bridge ) rode a tricycle off the windmill site
  • 5:30pm- rode a Minibus off Pagudpud town proper
  • 6pm- dropped off at the Pagudpud town hall. Rode a tricycle and took me to Allen’s Homestay Inn (walking distance to Saud Beach)
  • 6:20pm- bought souvenirs and stayed overnight (they managed to have a souvenir store at the beachfront too)

pagudpud1 blue lagoon pagudpud2 patapat1 kabigan falls1  DSC_07261 (54) Day 2 (Pagudpud. Pagod na. Pudpud pa. *pero oh so sulit*)

  • 6am- Breakfast
  • 6:20- went to the beachfront (Saud Beach)
  • 7:30am- started our North Pagudpud tricycle tour
  • 8:20am- Kabigan falls Information center near the main highway( 20-30 minute trek before reaching the Kabigan Falls )
  • 9:20am- rode the tricycle leading to Patapat Viaduct
  • 9:40am- touchdown Patapat Viaduct( photo opt)
  • 10:10am- visited Agua Grande at the north end of the viaduct
  • 10:30am- dropped off point at the Timangmang rock formation
  • 10:40am-went to Bantay Abot Cave
  • 11am- went to Blue Lagoon/ Maira Irah Beach, Hannah’s resort
  • 12:30pm- back to Allens Homestay Inn
  • 1pm – Lunch at Saud Beach Eatery
  • 2pm free time rest time
  • 4pm- beachbumming till sundown ( this is the life!)
  • 6pm- bonding with tita Rolly (owner of Allens homestay inn)

DSC_0725 DSC_0878  DSC_1045DSC_1059DSC_1041


Day 3 ( Let’s be gone in Vigan)

  • 6am- basked in Saud beach
  • 8am- bought some Pagudpud Souvenirs, bid goodbye to tita Rolly, rode a tryke dropping me off in front of the town hall
  • 8:45am- rode a mini bus off Laoag
  • 10:20am – Laoag city proper, rode a tryke off Sarrat Church (Sta Monica Church) in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte,
  • 10:45am- touchdown Sarrat Church, took some photos then went back to Laoag
  • 11:20am- rode an ordinary Mini bus off Vigan City
  • 2:45pm- drop off point at the Vigan Integrated terminal, rode a trycke heading Bantay Church and tower
  • 3pm- Bantay tower and Ruins
  • 3:45pm- meryenda break
  • 4:30pm- walking tour in Vigan(Plaza Salcedo, Plaza Burgos, Calle Crisologo, ) bought Vigan longanisas in Solidwest
  • 8pm- jumped in the Cubao-bound Partas bus
  • 6am- oh it’s you again, Urban Jungle MetroMNL. Home!

that’s the summary of my trip up north. (will be posting the detailed upnorth adventure soon:) Till then, God bless! Be traveler, not a tourist.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” ― Pat Conroy Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off-balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things Air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it. -Cesare pavese


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