Shrapnel of bland dreams pierced beyond senses
blunt light, darkness towering
among faceless battles
a faded shadow, crept from a bygone glory,
a renounce suffering.
Sunken from disarrayed sorrow,
slumber in faux innocence.
Tossed by the shades of past miseries,
astray by morrow’s wavered uncertainties
a tragic comedy closing its curtain
a ham actor of his own eldritch play.
Reposed in a boxful of hapless memories,
of echoing wails.
Eyes deep-sunk, shut forever,
a portrait of grief, a lifeless grandeur.
Bound to his home six feet under,
where appalling peace’s about to cover.
A piece of heaven behind the clear glass
lying in the surface of hereafter,
splotches of pale silence, entrapped
stains tattooed in dreamless forever.
Is this the end, a mere bleak bait
or it’s just a rhymed divine humor,
a simple change of fate?
I posted this poesy ( I wrote this back when I was still in college.) not just to parade my blight sentiments about life, or a painful chapter even, but to make it as my virtual mark, a constant reminder of how God changed my life, how He showered my life with his unfathomable goodness. My life back then was in full throttle for things that I now see as rubbish. I would have been drown by all the waves of melancholic oceans inside me, but thank God, all those dark fringed images were already boxed in my past. The God of all ages has touched my mortal life. Now things become better. I now believe that life doesn’t end here.

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” -2 Cor 5:17

One thing’s for sure, there is always FUN in FUNerals. Jesus is alive.

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