Panguil River Eco- Park

I heard several things about Ambon Ambon Falls in Panguil Laguna when I’m still working in our office a year back, most were good things about the falls and I said to myself that one day, I’ll try it as well.
So when me and my friends were looking for a weekend trip near the metro with only a thousand pesos on our pockets last summer, I’ve suggested Panguil and I’ve got a favorable response.
Before the actual trip, we’ve read several blogs regarding Panguil so basically we’ve BEEN THERE already , virtually speaking though (haha mind you, travel blogs are really helpful.), we jotted down all the information needed for the trip (budget, security, drop off points, transfo fares etc.)
and when everything’s set, off we went!
T’was on a saturday morning, light packed and sure so ready, excitement filled our conversations as we wait for our gala buddies to arrive. Our goal is to discover a new place close to metro where we can be fueled with new memories and laughter , shaking off the stress we’ve accumulated from our respective urban actions.

We rode a DLTRB bus bound to Sta cruz, Laguna (DLTRB Bus terminal is located near the LRT Gil Puyat station) fare at 140 each dropping off sta cruz bus terminal. Travel time was almost 3 hours due to some road reconstruction along the way, but typically, it’s just a two hour ride from Manila. we arrived at 11am.
Then from Sta Cruz terminal, we crossed the street and took a SINILOAN bound jeepney, fare at 37 pesos dropping off Panguil. We passed three towns, Lumban, Paete, and Pakil on our way to Panguil proper, and we’ve seen a bunch of interesting places most apparently in Paete, where wood crafts and artsy sculptures are well noted for. Tell the driver to drop you off piit resort( landmark is the panguil tourism billboard and a Carinderia in front of it, the only store along that street.)  The jeepney ride took 40 minutes to the drop off point. And yes, touchdown Panguil! oh not yet.  
It was past 12pm by then so we’ve decided to take our lunch first in the carinderia adjacent to the tricycle terminal. we took a tricycle ride off at the Piit resort gate and we paid 10 each for the service.
The resort’s entrance fee was at 40 pesos each, and as we entered, I’ve noticed first the stand alone stalls juxtaposed inside the resort. Fish, charcoals, juices and even halo halo were some of the products that they’re selling, they also have a souvenir shop inside the resort with very affordable merchandises to choose from.
A 20 feet long hanging bridge will welcome you as soon as you pass those food stalls, Got excited to cross the bridge overlooking the river way, surrounded by luscious orchids and trees, chilling water running from the Ambon Ambon falls down to the spillway. (and make the uga uga move haha)    

The place seems like a fiesta held on a river (with all the colorful clothes of the visitors swimming around the river, disguised like multicolored banderitas dancing by the summery air, truly a filipino rural scenery) reminds me of some of Amorsolo’s paintings depicting the rural life with all the greens and riverside and sunkissed locals on it.
Laughter filled the riverside as most of the people chose to plunge in that area.(beneath is the kiddie pool)  

Spillway Mania!


Though crowded (it’s on a saturday anyways), it’s still very welcoming. Local guides were very accomodating, helpful, well manered and really know what they’re doing.they were really mabait!
Kuya Raul, our guide, accompanied us to our cottage, we rent a small hut good for 5 persons, it’s the second farthest hut from the spillway and the pool, but that’s the only cottage available at that time so we grabbed it, quite a favor though because it gave us a much better view of the spillway and also away from those congested lines of cottages we passed by.

After our praise and worship and Bible study/sharing, we immediately change our clothes and started the trek to Ambon Ambon falls, we paid 60 for the guided trek.
the ratio was 1 guide for every 6 person, and because we’re only 5 in the group, we paid for the 6th one.  We registered our names, and off we went to the falls.
Here’s the trail heading Ambon-Ambon falls, see how refreshing it was.                                                                                                                                   

humongous Mr. Crab!
The trail was exciting, with all the greenscapes that will capture your eyes along the way.
and definitely more greens!

  The rocks you stepped were slippery but it’s just an easy pass through it with the help of our guide.

This is just one of the bamboo bridges you have to take on the way to the waterfalls.
The trek to the falls is just fifteen to twenty minutes only to take, supposedly. But because there were a lot of visitors that day, each group needs to wait for their turn. That means  lot of Picture picture moments for our group! 

Drenched and happy:)
Our PANGIL pose.  Haha literally!
Yun oh, MOWDEL!


Pose Pose din as we wait for the bamboo raft to arrive.


Dont forget to bring a ziploc or tight sealed plastic for your gadgetry and personal stuff.

Thrilling bamboo raft ride!

    Here come the falls, doobiidoowoooh!  

Our cool guide, kuya Raul,



The waterfalls (baby falls if I can drop that) wasn’t that spectacular, merely 4 meters high with the ever present foams beneath the pressured flow, but the trail experience, the laughter and all the goofing antics that we had as we carefully went close to it for our photo op definitely made our trip memorable. It was crazy yet fun-filled.
All in all, the day trip in Panguil Ecopark is very commendable especially if you need an affordable weekend day trip outside the metro. Imagine, with just less than a thousand pesos and only 2 hours away from Manila, you’ll be mesmerized by it’s “Paint everything green” scenery and bamboo raft funride. Adding to my delight were the super friendly locals which apparently, 
made this trip truly a memorable and fantastic one, their warmth welcome made the place very homey, a place once foreign but now a new found home far south. Insert Smiley. Till our next gala, God bless!
For more information, please contact Panguil River Eco Park 09153795866, 09277127750 or  09232012126.

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